The Parklane Shopping Mall is a 99-year leasehold commercial property since 01/12/1974. Opened in 1974, the mall maintains most of its original designs and fittings despite the numerous renovations made over the years. A visit to the Parklane Shopping Mall for many first time visitors feels like a visit to the past. However, this does not by any means mean the mall has ancients features.

The mall is mainly used for retail rental and other commercial services. In the mall’s basement (B1) there are: MacDonald’s (get their world famous burger and fries), internet café (which offer internet surfing and some of the cheapest lan gaming offers.) and musical instruments shop (if you are looking for the best deals on drums, guitars, and other instruments).

The 1st floor (L1) of the mall, there is a dental clinic (for dental services like scaling, polishing and bracers), hair salon and beauty shop (offering spa treatments, hair perming, cutting, colouring and styling), eatery(they serve some of the best local dishes) and cafes(like the Malay café known for serving a wide range of Muslim dishes like ayam merah and mee siam), club(go partying at BOBO1!), agencies offices(employment agency – they help with application of work passes for foreign workers and maid agency – for anyone looking to hire foreign help mostly from Indonesia), watch dealers and other retails shops.

The L5 floor has retail shops and restaurants – like the Parklane KFC (enjoy the famous chicken and unwrap your inner flavour) and La Jiang Shan hotspot. You will also find trading card shops that sell the latest cards and hold competitions.

At Parklane Shopping Mall you can shop for the latest clothes and shoes, access banking services at Dbs. Bank Ltd and credit services at Resource Credit Pte Ltd. Eat a delicious meal, meet friends for a drink, play some amazing video games, hang out and have a great time all in one place!

Parklane Shopping Mall is located in 35 Selegie Road, S 188307. The mall is located between Little India and Orchard Road. Located near amenities like Cold Storage, POMO centre, the Manulife centre, the Cathay, Fortune centre and plaza by the park.

Operating Hours : 7 am – 10 pm

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