4 Reasons Why You Should Own A Pocket Spring Mattress

A mattress adds the right amount of comfort and added convenience to your daily living. Given the number of options in terms of the materials used in making them, choosing the right mattress can be a tricky affair. Air chamber, innerspring, and pocket spring mattresses are the three main mechanisms available in the market. Regardless of the material you choose, the cushion mechanism can help you with the right amount of comfort and convenience.

Here are some benefits of choosing a pocket spring mattress.

1. No movement transfer 

While sleeping, your body movements can send ripples across the mattress, posing disturbing to the other person. Someone changing the sleeping positions too often can be very disturbing. A pocket mattress can cause absolutely no movement transfer for completely undisturbed sleep.

2. Uniform firmness throughout

Innerspring mattresses fail to offer the uniformity in firmness due to their spread-out springs. The pocket spring mattresses have individual pockets with springs offering a better uniform firmness throughout.

3. Optimizing materials’ comfort

Materials like memory foam and latex offer perfect comfort to the sleeper. Latex is an excellent thermal regulating material. The pocketed springs allow the transfer of heat sideways instead of deep within.

4. Durability

Pocket spring mattresses are highly durable, thanks to their chambered spring structures that let the pressure flow through and avoid causing a permanent compression of the material.


Pocket spring mattress Singapore is the best option offering an unmatched durability, comfort, firmness, ability to stop motion transfer. Storage bed Singapore along with a mattress, can be a perfect combo pack for all to choose.

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