Losing Weight Efficiently Through TCM Techniques

TCM or Traditional Chinese Medicine offers an alternative and complete understanding of obesity. It can quickly explain why you, despite putting all the efforts, are unable to lose those extra kilos. TCM weight loss refers to losing weight by restoring the body’s balance rather than focusing on balancing the amount of calorie intake and the amount of calorie expenditure as per the Western approach. Read on to know the 4 TCM tips for weight loss.

  1. Eat a healthy and balanced diet

According to TCM, we should opt for foods as per our body structure in order to balance Yin and Yang healthily. If you have a neutral body constitution, you should eat a food mix that has all the flavors and different energies.

Moreover, different things can change our body constitution, such as physical activities, lifestyle habits, feelings, changing seasons, etc. If you want to know about your body composition, you can talk to a reputed TCM physician nearby.

  1. Stimulate the Spleen

As per TCM, the Spleen transforms and transports body fluids and nutrients throughout our body. Therefore, when the Spleen has proper functioning, the body doesn’t build up metabolic waste and body fluids.

You should avoid eating chilled, raw, greasy, and excessively sweet foods as well as drinking chilled beverages. This is because an excess of raw and cold foods can affect the spleen and result in more phlegm and stagnation of bodily fluids and metabolic waste. Greasy and sweet foods create too much phlegm as well as heat in the body.

You can boost your Spleen via various Chinese herbs, such as Codonopsis Root (Dangshen, 党参), Chinese Yam (Huaishan, 淮山), Licorice Root (Gancao, 甘草), Poria (Fuling, 茯苓), and Coix Barley (Yiyiren, 薏苡仁).

  1. Improve your digestion

In order to follow an effective slimming treatment, you need to enhance your digestive system. Your body should be able to break down fatty substances and secrete digestive fluids properly. For this, you can eat Unripe Orange Fruit (Zhishi, 枳实), Rangoon Creeper Fruit (Shijunzi, 使君子), Hawthorn Berry (Shanzha, 山楂), Tangerine Peel (Chenpi, 陈皮), Radish Seed (Laifuzi, 莱菔子), etc.

  1. Enhance your bowel movements

You must promote your bowel movements in order to make your body excrete metabolic waste on a regular basis. This prevents overweight and stagnation problems. You can consume some Chinese herbs in order to relieve constipation and loosen up your bowels.

Some of these herbs are Cassia seeds (jue ming zi, 决明子)), Black Sesame (Heizhima, 黑芝麻), Peach Seed (Taoren, 桃仁), Radish Seed (Laifuzi, 莱菔子), Rhubarb (Dahuang, 大黄), and Biota Seed (Baiziren, 柏子仁).

By following these 4 TCM tips for weight loss, you can lose weight efficiently. If you want a proper weight loss plan of TCM, you must consult a reputed and licensed TCM physician. They can give you a proper diagnosis and treatment with an apt herbal prescription.

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