Myths About Invisalign Treatment You Shouldn’t Believe In

Since their inception in the late 1990s, Invisalign braces have become more and more popular as an alternative to traditional metal braces. Invisalign is a removable set of clear and hard plastic aligners that are placed inside one’s mouth to straighten the teeth.

Both teenagers and adults are increasingly preferring this invisible type of orthodontic treatment over the traditional one. However, along with the increasing popularity of Invisalign braces come some myths and misconceptions.

To distinguish between myths and facts, below are some of the most common misconceptions about Invisalign braces and the truths behind them.

1. Invisalign braces are not as effective as metal braces

Some people have second thoughts about getting Invisalign braces because of the common belief that they are not as effective as metal braces. However, even though Invisalign braces are subtle and barely noticeable in comparison to metal braces, they nonetheless provide effective treatment with predictable and long-lasting results for mild cases of malocclusion.

Indeed, for aligning mildly irregular teeth, Invisalign treatment can be just as effective as traditional braces. Many dentists even suggest that Invisalign braces bring several distinct benefits, including healthier teeth and gums due to less strenuous brushing and flossing, and ease of cleansing.

2. Invisalign braces are more expensive

Another common misconception about Invisalign braces is that they are believed to be more expensive than metal braces. However, people might find it surprising to learn that, in reality, clear plastic aligners similar to Invisalign braces may cost the same or less than traditional braces in selected cases. Depending on the complexity of your case, the additional benefits of Invisalign braces in Singapore may outweigh the cost of getting it done.

3. Invisalign treatment takes more time

Because Invisalign treatment does not require you to put it on 24/7, many people assume that it takes longer for the teeth to be aligned with the use of Invisalign braces. In reality, however, the teeth might move at the same pace in both Invisalign and metal braces in some cases of mild irregularity. Sometimes, the only factor that determines the speed at which teeth will move is the innate biology of the patient.

In using Invisalign braces, it is important for patients to follow the instructions of the dentist, as their progress will largely depend on their compliance. In most cases, the aligners need to be worn 21 to 22 hours per day to ensure that the treatment works as efficiently as possible.

4. Invisalign braces cannot solve complicated teeth-alignment issues

Many people believe that Invisalign treatment is not effective in treating severely crooked teeth and misalignments. Of course, this is not always true. Whether simple or complicated, many teeth-alignment issues can be corrected by Invisalign treatment. However, there will be compromises, for example, to your occlusion or to your gums. Conditions such as crossbites, overbites, underbites, open bites, gapped teeth, and overcrowded teeth can all be treated with the use of Invisalign braces. The question is how well they can be treated without compromising other aspects of your dentition.

5. Invisalign braces demand less attention to oral hygiene

Although it is true that the use of Invisalign braces is easier and more convenient than metal braces, this does not mean that Invisalign treatment requires less attention to oral hygiene. No matter what type of aligner a patient uses, paying attention to oral hygiene is always a must. People with Invisalign braces still need to brush and floss their teeth every day. It is also necessary that they clean their aligners daily by rinsing, soaking, and brushing them with an antibacterial soap.


Invisalign braces are a great option for treating various teeth-alignment issues. Contrary to popular misconceptions, Invisalign treatment can be effective, cost-friendly, fast, and efficient for certain cases. However, to guarantee the success of your teeth alignment treatment, make sure to choose an orthodontist with proven skills and experience in the procedure. More so, be sure to comply with all the instructions of your orthodontist to attain that perfect smile you have always dreamed of!

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