Picking The Right Dining Table Shape For Your Home

Prefer curves to angles? If you’re drawn to the allure of round dining tables, we can see why! After all, they are easy on the eyes, and exude a sense of flow to the space.

However, not all shapes work in every home in Singapore. As a key piece of furniture, the type of dining table you pick is crucial. Read on to understand whether a rectangular or round dinner table works best for you!

The Shape Factor

Square pegs don’t fit round holes. Similarly, round dining tables won’t look good in a rectangular room! This is especially apparent if the area is distinctly elongated and the table is especially large, because the sides of the room would look uncomfortably narrower than the space on the other ends.

Finding the right dining table for your room is easy: simply match the proportions of the table with the room. The best match for a round dining table is a square-shaped space. Don’t worry, the area doesn’t have to be a perfect square, it simply needs to have a length and breadth that are somewhat similar.

In fact, this rule of matching proportions is the reason rectangular tables look best in a lengthened room. Don’t fret, curve lovers! You can also opt for oval tables or rectangular tables with rounded edges.

The Space Factor

Space is a precious commodity in most Singapore homes. Due to its shape, round dining tables can make a room feel more spacious because angular corners feel as if they’ve been ‘shaven off’. Also, our eyes are naturally drawn to round objects, so it tends to help us focus less on surrounding clutter.

While round dining tables can look more compact, bear in mind buffer space needed for people and chairs to move about comfortably. A good rule of thumb: allow for just shy of a metre of extra room when measuring the total occupied area of a dining table. In general, round tables are perfect for small dining corners.

On the other hand, rectangular tables have a flexible advantage. It can be placed against the wall to save space or pulled out to accommodate an extra guest. You get even more versatility with extendable tables!

The Social Factor

Sociability is often overlooked but the shape of your table can influence social interaction! A round table encourages closer interaction because everyone sits within the same distance. No more awkward chats across the far end of the table or being left out of conversations!

On the other hand, a rectangular table (especially extendables) tends to offer space for food and tableware, thus making the dining experience more comfortable.

The Style Factor

Finally, the table’s material and design can sometimes override other factors!

For example, Theo’s sleek glass top and narrow conical stem gives it a striking and stately presence despite not taking up much space.

Considering a rectangular table instead? A slim and elegant silhouette can make any table feel less imposing, even if it’s 2.1 metres long! The Vincent’s refined tapered legs and slender table top is a great option for those looking to accommodate more diners.

Colour also matters. Another way to counter the size of a table is to choose lighter hues as they can help a room feel brighter and breezier.

In Conclusion…

So, what type of dining table should you get? It depends on how your home looks like, and the social activities surrounding your dinner table!

Both rectangular and round tables have their unique space-saving advantages, and the right design can greatly influence the ambience of your home.

Simply keep these tips in mind as you browse our wide range of dining tables!

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