Questions About The Diamond Mining Process Now Answered

There are three main types of diamond mining:

The mining of diamonds is a complex process and you can see the process of diamonds below. We are discussing the process in detail. There are three types of mining of diamonds.

  • Pipe mining
  • Alluvial mining
  • Marine mining


Pipe mining is the first type of mining and it is further classified into two types.

  • Open PIT Mining:

It is the type of pipe mining that can involve the removal of sand layers. It involves the removal of rock which is seen on the diamonds. As we know there is an ore which is broken, the breaking of ore is not easy and it involves the blasting.


This is also a type of pip mining as you can see the construction of tunnels. There are two levels of tunnels. These are constructed in this way that can connect both of mining. You can see the mining due to blast.


The Industrial alluvial process will consist of the creation of a large wall to combine and collect the water in an common area, where the gravel will then be collected and be hauled to the surface. Thereafter, it will be in the process preparation step.


Due to rain and winds, the kimberlitic pipes can be eroded. You will observe the rough diamonds down in the river.  The industrial process can involve wall construction for the collection of water. Marine mining will include some extraction of precious diamonds under the deep water.

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