Reasons To Opt For H2 Level Physics When You Go To JC

Deciding on your subject combination for the A-levels can be daunting. Therefore you should make choices on subjects that inspire you and spark your interests. Your level of interest will give a general outlook on how easy it will be for you to understand concepts and how you’ll fair. Humanities allow you to explore the human condition. However, sciences are fascinating and will enable you to explore the world around you and beyond. Among the three sciences available in you A-level study, physics, chemistry and biology, physics should be your core subject. Here’s why you should take physics as your H2 subject.

Physics Advances Your Logical Proficiency

Physics and math are inseparable. Concepts that are rooted in physics are often calculated using mathematical models. Problems you may encounter in your A-level physics tuition will challenge your ability to think logically and test your route to the resolution. Each step of the question is like a puzzle waiting for full resolution. It is full of intrigue and mystery which can be quite addictive if you are looking to be a researcher. On some occasions, you may feel like you are stuck in reverse gear. Not moving ahead or getting confused by the various equations and the interlinking concepts. But booking a few sessions of H2 physics tuition in Singapore will surely get you out of the rut, especially when you have an experienced H2 physics tutor.

You’ll not Need to Memorize as Much Stuff as the Other Sciences

Biology is great, but you’ll need to memorise quite a lot of facts in the plant kingdom and animal kingdom. Physics, on the other hand, demands less memorisation from your brain. Sound’s great especially if you have more or better logic juices going on than the recall juices. This way, you capitalise on what you are good at, building logically from the concept and getting good at it through regular practice instead of picking scores from memory. Regular practice of logic challenging concepts and concepts is not easy though, but you can get your way around it better with help when you enrol for H2 physics tuition in Singapore.

You’ll have Wider Career Choices

A good grade in your A-level physics is what you need to boost your career choices in a variety of fields. Think about it. A-level physics tuition will help you score a good grade in physics and in-turn, you will be open for careers in engineering, computer hardware and software development, medical research, robotics among others. Besides, you’ll need a good score in your A-level physics to undertake a course in medicine, and an excellent rating in physics improves your eligibility to study law.

To wind up, if you are considering physics, remember, picking four H2 subjects is not the norm. The standard combination is usually three H2 subjects and one H1 art subject like PCME. That is Physics Chemistry Mathematics and Economics. The tips above will help you illuminate why physics should your choice H2 subject.

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