Reasons Why Organizing Corporate Events with Tents is a Must

Outdoor corporate events held in tents are certainly all the rage right now. The idea of it may cause some to have their incongruity—formal events in casual, temporary tent structures? But this is one of the misconceptions that people have on tentages. It is clear to see that engaging tent rentals companies in Singapore for business events has become an on-trend option to explore. And breaking away from the norm of stuffy hotel banquet halls and convention centres is easier than you might think.

Here’s why organising a corporate event with engineered tentages could make the next event you host the talk of the town!

Offers a more flexible space planning
As the event is held outdoors, one is not being confined to a space limited by walls and have greater control over the space utilisation. Let’s take durian for an example. Most Singaporean look forward to durian season and always go for durian feasts – but this king of fruit does not go well in enclosed aircon area as the smell travels through aircon vents, overwhelm the entire area and is hard to eliminate thereafter.

However with engineered tents, organisers can easily resolve this issue with the option to establish the ratio of open and enclosed space, while having the event area sheltered seamlessly. This means that the durian party can be held at the open space while the indoor programmes can resume within the enclosed tent after that.

Other than the main tent, this choice offers the flexibility to shelter additional outdoor space with smaller open-style tentages where more outdoor activities can be held and for guests to take shelter in during bad weather.

Freedom for corporate branding
White tent exterior literally offer a blank canvas to work with. Tent rentals often come in all shapes and sizes – why not have them custom-branded with your company name, logo and colors the way you would like? Don’t hesitate to turn the tent into a free-standing billboard. That way, it’s possible to build brand awareness for your product or service, generate buzz around your business and boost sales. This does wonders for corporate branding in the long run!

When organising an event of any genre, the turnout has always been an unpredictable figure. You’re just never quite sure how many people will turn up. This can be especially true of free to public events such as music or food festivals, tradeshows and the like. The team might have planned for a 1000-pax event but realised that there are 300 people who have registered for the event. There is no way to change to another smaller venue as the details have been publicised; but with tent structures, the event space can be reduced or increased accordingly to suit the number of expected guests, provided that the venue space permits as well as the availability of these structure stocks. Simply check with the tent structure provider during the event planning stage.

Accessible location
Planning for groundbreaking ceremony or launch of power plant? Since it is a corporate event after all, it may be a good idea to hold it near or within the company’s premises for the convenience. An empty plot of land nearby would greatly suffice as an event location because the temporary tent structures can be easily set up. In the case of new product launches or grand openings whereby crowds are to be expected, the accessibility of a location becomes paramount. Automotive roadshows and car displays tend to require a place that permits drive-through and has enough room for prospective buyers to test drive the cars.

No time restrictions for usage duration
Renting of indoor space from venue owners may come with a usage duration. If you’re planning for a music event that runs late into the night, you wouldn’t want to top up additional rental fee for night usage. Neither do you want to have to end your event at the designated time set by the premises, nor worry about overrun of rehearsals and delayed decoration progress just because the venue has to be locked up by a certain hour. With outdoor event tentages, you do not have to be like Cinderella and worry about the time. There’s also no obligations to keep noise levels down as long as the location is far away from residential areas. Also, guests do not have to feel time-pressured and can gradually take their leave after they’ve had their fill of chatting and having fun – as long as the venue is booked for that period.

Clear span structure
A clear span structure essentially means that there are no poles and pillars to obstruct layout plannings—a fairly common challenge when it comes to renting indoor event spaces. It allows roomy, wide spaces with no barriers in the interior. Specifically designed with engineered precision and easy set-up in mind, clear span tents can be pitched anywhere from an open lawn to hard ground or even rooftop of a multi-storey carpark. Thanks to the material of the fabric used, these tents are heat-resistant, sturdy and waterproof, allowing guests to feel comfortable under it. Generally, the “walls” enclosing the space can be freely raised or opened to protect against harsh weather conditions or simply to accommodate an overflow of guests.
Be it classy tinted glass panels or transparent rain curtains – just have it the way you want it. It also makes for a space that’s easy to decorate, which brings us to the next point.

Fully customisable
If you have a clear direction in your head that you’re planning to bring to life, a tent setup will do the trick. Built from scratch and fully customisable, tent rentals can be tailored to suit every type of events that you plan to host. Unlike the usual event venue rental where you’re stuck with a pre-existing layout and color scheme, making sacrifices when decorating isn’t necessary. Going the bespoke route and customising the tents will make any event stand out from the crowd. From the decor to furniture, lighting, music, catering and entertainment, they can all come together to transform a venue and leave an memorable impression on the guests. Go one step further by hiring props or themed furniture that make your event pop and top it all off with some live music performances.

In a nutshell, having tent structures for corporate events is undoubtedly the key to an amazing event experience. Bring out creative juices and transform event tentages in any way you wish to create the exact venue you have in mind and be witness to a successful event like never before!

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