Take Back Your Youthful Hands With The Use Of Hand Fillers

Did you know that your hands are one of the first places that show the first telltale signs of aging?

A study conducted confirmed this, with participants stating that a person’s age can be estimated just by looking at the hands alone!

Apart from your face, your hands are exceptionally prone to the perils of aging, and an instant giveaway of one’s age when we shake hands, and particularly during our daily interactions with others.

Our hands are often subjected to tons of exposure such as the sun’s ultraviolet rays and the constant washing and work that we do on a daily basis.

Interestingly enough, it seems that women are aware of this – a Wakefield Research Survey found that 63% of women are interested in having a non-surgical cosmetic procedure done to improve the appearance of their hands.

While it isn’t possible to completely stop time – hand fillers are becoming one of the best treatments for reversing the hands of time.

The 3 signs of aging hands  

Want to know how to identify aging hands?

  • Prominent veins and tendons
  • Pigmentation such as age spots and dark spots
  • Wrinkly, loose skin with significant loss of volume

Symptoms tend to start showing in your late thirties to early forties, and is mainly caused by the loss of collagen, elastin and the natural fat layers found in the layers of our skin. Aggravated by sun exposure, this leads to hands that appear thin and crepey, and an almost sunken and “skeletal” appearance overtime.

Reversing the hands of time

Simple enough, applying sunblock is actually one of the best ways to protect and PREVENT your hands from pigmentation and wrinkles.

However, treating hands that are currently facing moderate to severe symptoms, or suffering from significant volume loss requires more robust measures.

A popular treatment to restore volume in the hands is fat transfer; however, it doesn’t last as long as the injection of fillers. This is why we use hand fillers at our clinic – instantly restoring the volume and appearance of the hands with results that last up to 12 months! 

Hand fillers using Restylane Vital

There are primarily 2 types of hand fillers that are FDA-approved to date, namely: Restylane Lyft and Radiesse.

While Restylane Lyft recently just got its approval in 2018, Radiesse was approved way back in 2001. However, what sets the two apart is in its core ingredient; Restylane being made with sugar-based hyaluronic acid (HA), a natural substance that already exists in the human body, and calcium hydroxylapatite (CH) for Radiesse – a biosynthetically produced ingredient.

Clinical trials conducted have proven Restylane Lyft as a safe and effective option for patients looking to restore volume in their hands. Unlike Radiesse, the treatment is completely reversible should a patient be unsatisfied with their results.

Other studies have also showed great results with both types of fillers; however, fillers with HA showed more improvement in dermal hydration. Volume restoration done with HA also demonstrated to come with lesser side effects, and longer-lasting results as compared to fillers with CH as the core ingredient.

We like to work with Restylane Vital – a super lightweight form of hyaluronic gel that helps to plump up the skin to hide any visible veins and tendons, and instantly reduces the appearance of wrinkles and saggy skin to restore hand’s youthfulness.

Our aesthetic clinic specifically chose to work with Restylane Vital, simply because of its supreme feel and natural results. Different doctors use different types of fillers and methods to inject into the skin, but we prefer to use a micro-cannula to prevent bruising and ensure minimal downtime.

The Signature Hand Rejuvenation Program

We offer a comprehensive program for those who wish to rejuvenate their hands – starting with laser therapy using our Fractional CO2 and Q-switch laser, followed by a combination of peels, oral supplements and hand fillers that is customized to treat your specific condition.

In fact, these solutions work simultaneously to support the overall improvement of the skin, and are great for treating issues including acne scar removal!

Working with a doctor that understands the intricate anatomy of the hands is pertinent to a successful procedure – our doctors have years of experience working with Restylane to precisely and effectively inject into the correct layer of the skin, reducing the risks of nerve damage.

Designed to tackle all 3 symptoms of aging hands, if you are ready to wave hello to a pair of youthful, silky smooth hands – consult us today for your first appointment!

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