Useful Tips For Those Looking To Purchase Shapewear

Venturing into the world of shapewear can be intimidating and overwhelming, especially if you’re a first-timer. There is a myriad of shapewear with numerous designs that cater to different parts of the body. Choosing the right one can be difficult if you’re unsure about the difference between a tummy trimmer or waist cincher. In this article, we’ll help shed some light on how to choose the right shapewear properly to suit your needs.

Understand Your Body Shape

Understanding your body shape is the first step in finding out what type of shapewear you need to complement your body. Knowing your body type will give you a general idea of what areas to focus on to bring out that figure you desire when you put on a particular type of shapewear. You can work to accentuate body parts such as the bust, tummy or give your rear a more visible look. For example, a corset will be great if you want to give your waist a slimmer look while accentuating your bust line. If you want your midsection to have a slimmer appearance, go for a tummy slimmer such as girdles and bodysuits.

Understand Body Shapers Control

There is a variety of shapewear with different control levels. Based on the type of appearance you’re looking for; you may consider different levels of control for your body shapers. Control refers to the strength of compression that body shapers provide. The three types of control are;

  • The light control
  • The moderate control
  • The firm control

If you are looking for one that will feel comfortable and can be worn for long hours, the light control is your best bet. It has the least compression and is not as restrictive as the firm control. If you’re looking for a balanced body shaper, then the moderate control types of shapewear would be the choice for you, as it offers the best of both worlds, a balance between comfort and compression.

Try Different Types

A single piece of shapewear may not be enough or be sufficient to help you achieve the look you want. If you feel like having more than one type of shapewear, don’t be afraid to try all the different kinds to find out which body shapers will work for you. Get one to push up your bust and another to make your waist look slimmer. For those days that you require a firm compress, try a firm control body shaper instead of a light control one. In essence, there are no limits to the amount of shapewear you can try. What’s important at the end of the day is that you achieve a look that makes you feel confident and comfortable.

Consult an Expert

At every Singapore shapewear for women store, there are helpful professionals who are dedicated to helping you look for the perfect choice of shapewear. Be sure to ask them any questions you have in mind, and also their recommendations for you. Some might even provide free consultation services for you to discover and learn more about your body shape and the type of shapewear that is suitable for your body.

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