Which Hair Removal Option Helps With Darker Skin

Despite the pro body hair movement happening today – one cannot deny that having hair on certain parts of the face and body can be both annoying and uncomfortable, especially in the hot and humid weather such as Singapore.

While there aren’t short of body hair removal options for us ladies – unfortunately, those with darker skin types tend to have it a little rougher and more complicated.

Instead of wishing there was a better solution, the truth is – there is! But before we dive into it, it might be worth understanding why hair removal is harder for those with darker skin types!

Dark skin types: why hair removal is more complicated

Essentially, dark skin types have more melanin present in their skin – making them far more sensitive and susceptible to burns as compared to those with fairer skin!

Add to the fact that the thickness and density of the hair in those with dark skin is thicker and much higher, which also makes them particularly prone to ingrowns –which we all know nobody wants.

Dark skin types: hair removal options

Although traditional methods such as shaving, tweezing and depilatory creams still work – they will require a lot more care, commitment and maintenance. Not to mention, the pain that often comes with options such as waxing and the possibility of ingrown hairs can quickly turn hair removal into a dreadful chore.

As for semi-permanent solutions, those with darker skin types were not typically recommended for laser hair removal due to the thickness, texture and color of their hair.

Just to quickly recap, laser hair removal simply doesn’t work as well on darker skin types because the technology isn’t able to precisely scan, target and destroy the hair follicles. Its efficacy is largely based on the contrast between skin tone and hair; meaning to say that the larger the contrast, the more effective the treatment is.

This is why laser hair removal has earned a bad rap in causing burns, hyperpigmentation and scarring issues over the years.

Is a semi-permanent solution out of the picture then? Not quite.

SHR hair removal is the solution!

If you are determined to find a semi-permanent solution – SHR hair removal is your answer!

The perfect alternative to the outdated IPL hair removal treatment, SHR offers the latest advancement in hair removal that does not solely rely on the contrast of your hair and skin to effectively destroy hair follicles.

With shorter wavelengths and longer pulse durations – what this means is a far more comfortable experience that is far more gentle on the skin.

Our SHR machines are sophisticated enough to work with all skin types – effectively removing hair in a precise and more importantly, safe manner. Our specialists are well-trained to tailor the wavelengths used to suit your specific needs – catering to sensitive areas such as facial hair removal and Brazilian hair removal as well!

The biggest mistake that you can make is not doing your research and going to a specialist that has no experience working with darker skin types. It is also important that you go into your treatment with the right expectations, as those with dark skin often require more treatments in order to achieve optimal results. Whichever method you end up choosing – always take extra care to conduct a patch test to ensure that the method is safe for your delicate skin!

When done with the right method, right specialist and the right parameters, it’s hard to go wrong – contact us for a consultation today!

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