Why English Is Perfect For Any Global-minded Person

Today, the world seems smaller than ever before. In about the span of a day, you can reach a destination at the other side of the world through air travel. With the Internet, you can send an email, instant message, or even a video call thousands of miles away in a matter of seconds!

But all that wouldn’t be possible – or would be very inconvenient! – if there wasn’t a common language to facilitate all these communications. The fact is, global activities frequently rely on an international lingua franca to keep their operations up and running for people at all corners of the earth.

This language is none other than English. Knowing English is a crucial aspect of being a citizen of the world. To further explore this notion, read on to find out how English is useful for any global-minded person.


Take a look around the major cities of the world, and you will realise this: Most of them have directional signage in English! Thanks to the role of English as a global language, English serves as a common language to help tourists and visitors, even in a land where English may not be the official language. To maximise one’s chances of being able to navigate in a foreign land, knowing how to read English is extremely beneficial.


English remains the most-used language on the Internet, boasting the largest number of sites containing content in the language. While you may find it harder to find a version of a site in a less-popular language, English websites, search engines, and social media networks are prominent. Due to this, people of vastly different nationalities use the Internet in English, contributing new information and conversing in English. Thus, if you want to enjoy a global perspective of news, or communicate with diverse groups of people, approaching the Internet with English is your best bet.


Because of English’s global status, you are bound to be able to find at least a few English speakers wherever in the world you go. Especially in developed cities and universities, many people have some working knowledge of English. So, getting to know people from different backgrounds and cultures is made possible with English. You don’t necessarily have to learn a lot of languages to build inter-cultural relations and friendships. If there is just one language you can learn, English is one of the wisest choices.

Indeed, English helps you explore the world, whether literally or through resources like the Internet. There is no sign of the power of English relenting soon, so it is no wonder that an education in English is an increasingly popular choice. As a parent, finding your child the best English tuition centre in Singapore is the first step towards ensuring their English proficiency is up to par. Get started today to help your child become an effective citizen and explorer of the world!

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